Govardhan Math

Rigvediya Poorvamnaya Govardhan Math, Puri Peeth

Govardhan Goshala (गोवर्धन गोशाला)

“GAAVO BHUTAM CH BHAVYAM CH GAAVAH PHUSTI SANATANI | GAAVOO LAKSHAMYASHTA MULAM GUASHU DATAM NAA NASTI ||”                                                                                                                                                  Gau(Cow) Mata(Mother) is Past and also Future, Gau is the root of wealth and Prosperity. Any type of service to Gau mata will always be fruitful. In sanskrit the word gaushala literally means cow protection or the place where cows are sheltered. Other Sanskrit names for cow are gau mata (mother), kamdhenu( wish fulfilling) and Aghnya (never to be killled). The  creative and constructive great cow service  started by pujyapad mahrajshree has been divided into nine steps for better result and success which is approved in the light of wisdom.   1. Cow protection  2. Cow rearing  3. Cows growth,  4. Collection of panchgavya, 5.Refinement and investment , 6. Religious discourse ( sat sang)  7. Sanskar  8. Health  9. Self reliance.    In puri peeth there are hundreds of gau matas are taking service in supervision of jagatguruji.